Actuarial Consulting Services

GCG has a close working strategic relationship with one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of actuarial and related products and services. The firm has consulting practices in healthcare, property and casualty insurance, life insurance and financial services, and employee benefits.
This relationship allows us to provide our clients with sophisticated financial and actuarial analysis. This firm is recognized as an industry leader in benchmarking data, actuarial analysis, and other unique tools to advise our clients. Different platforms for self-insured and fully insured employers are available.

Summary of Services

  • CAHP – Comprehensive Assessment of Health Plan Reports
  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Renewal Projection and Evaluation
  • BCT Report – Budgeting, Contribution & Trend Report
  • Stop-Loss Analysis
  • FMR – Financial Monitoring Report
  • IBNR Reserve – Incurred But Not Reported Reserve
  • FSA Assist
  • HP Assist - Health Plan Assist
  • CPS – Claims Positioning System
  • Self-Insured Feasibility Analysis
  • M&A Assessment Report
  • PBM Evaluation – Pharmacy Benefit Manager Evaluation
  • Discount Analysis
  • FASB 106/GASB 43/45 Valuation
  • FASB 112 Reserve Calculation
  • BPS – Benefits Positioning System
  • Plus other ad hoc actuarial analysis