GCG offers a range of surveys. Receive a custom report benchmarked to similar businesses locally and nationally.

Surveys include:


Benefits Benchmarking (for 75 or more employees)
Compare your benefits to other Area businesses with a size of more than 75 employees. This free comprehensive benchmarking report covers data elements including: benefit plan designs and premiums, employee contribution strategies, cost control and trends, retiree benefits, and healthcare implementation. Take the survey...    2015 Survey Information


Small Business Benefits Benchmark (for companies with 2-74 employees)
Compare your health insurance plans and costs to other small businesses with less than 75 employees. Benchmark plans, employee cost sharing, and range of benefits. Take the survey...


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Survey
Find out how your company sponsored retirement plan compares to other businesses in your community. Highlights include investment choice, plan cost, and service benchmarks, yielding a no cost individual, comprehensive benchmarking report. Take the survey...